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Our Ready Mix Product

In its basic form, ready mix concrete is a mixture of cement, water, sand and stone (Bajri). The cement, a dry fine powder, is combined with water to form a paste and then mixed with fine and coarse aggregated (sand and stone) respectively. Ready mix concrete is one of the most versatile materials available to the construction industry. Its application can range from a side walk way or stoop in a residential home to foundations and floors in an urban high rise. The following is only a partial list of ready mix concrete applications:

» High Strength concrete of consistency » Sidewalks, driveways, patios, stoops
» Decorative-stamped, colored and exposed aggregate » RCC concrete for floors, ceilings and roofs
» Highway pavements for roads and overpasses » Bridges, tunnels and subways
» Retaining walls, trenches, encasing for electrical ,gas, water, fiber optic lines and cables » Foundations and footings for high rises and homes
» Grouting of pre-caste concrete slabs  


» 22 state of the art transit mixers (list attached in Annexure-B » Highly qualified workforce
» 06 batching plants » In house quality assurance department
» 24 hour Operations » Mobile / Stationary Concrete Pumps


» Pioneer company in ready mix industry » 770,400 m3 available production capacity
» Ideally located in heart of Karachi / Lahore » The Only Public Company in ready mix industry
» Existence across Pakistan » Mobile / Stationary Concrete Pumps